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As a local tree service company in Dublin, OH, our ultimate goal is to provide your trees with the best care they can receive. We understand trees like the back of our hands, which is why we are confident that we can give them exactly what they need to flourish as they mature. Whether you are looking to trim your tree or you want it removed for safety reasons, we can do just that for you! Our tree specialists will come to your property to assess the condition of your landscape trees, then provide a professional recommendation to help you decide whether to keep your tree or not. We have been doing the same thing for more than a decade now, and we ought to continue improving our work for your satisfaction. Rest assured that you can rely on us to provide tree care solutions for your tree requirements. 

We are passionate about tree care and everything related to it. You can see our dedication reflected in our variety of services meant to give trees the attention they deserve. Whenever we perform tree service, we make sure to keep you and your property safe. For this reason, we use only state-of-the-art equipment to aid us with every project we have, small or big. We maintain our tools and equipment in tip-top condition to ensure their safety. Further, we employ nothing but the best-certified arborists in the local area to attend to every need of your precious trees. 

Dublin Tree Service is more than capable of delivering all types of tree care to whatever kind of property you have. Just tell us your concern, and we will get things done in no time. You can count on our company for a safe and efficient tree solution.


Picture taken from the ground to the sky showing the tops of a cluster of trees in Dublin, OHTree removal is one of the most requested services for any local tree company. This is due to the vulnerability of trees to natural factors and diseases. Some homeowners try to complete this complicated task only to regret it in the end. Eliminating a tree involves a lot of risks that can overwhelm even the most enthusiastic DIYer. If you carry out this task without the proper knowledge and the appropriate equipment, you may end up in a hospital bed. Not to mention, it can cause irreparable damage to your property. If you have a tree in your yard that needs to be removed urgently, don’t wait too long before you call our expert team. Get in touch with Dublin Tree Service and we will offer immediate solutions to your tree concerns.

Stump Grinding – Stumps can cause more than an ugly situation on your property. Tree stumps can attract pests and insects that can eventually invade healthy trees in your yard. Leaving a stump unattended is never recommended as it can result in a variety of adverse effects not only to your trees but also to your home.  Dublin Tree Service has eliminated hundreds of stumps since our founding, using our top-of-the-line grinders. If you are tired of the eyesore that the stump is bringing your landscape, give us a call. 

Picture of a tree uprooted in a back yard from storm damaged that needs to be removed in Dublin, OHStorm Damage – No tree is too healthy for an intense storm. High winds and lighting can wreak havoc to any kind of tree and leave damage to their branches and limbs. When your trees face this unfortunate scenario, you have to act fast because the situation can get worse. We urge you not to carry out your own cleanup effort because of the risks involved. Storm damaged trees can fall anytime and injure anyone in the vicinity, which is why it requires specialized skills that we have at Dublin Tree Service. If you want fast and reliable emergency tree service, you only have one company to call. We provide efficient and cost-effective storm damage service to ease your stress. 

Tree Care – Some homeowners think that their responsibility ends with tree planting, which results in neglected landscape trees. Tree care holds a vital role in keeping any tree in top condition. Most tree issues can be corrected with proper tree care, which can be provided by expert tree specialists. Trees require attention from the early stages of their lives up to maturity. At Dublin Tree Service, we focus on each part of the tree, including the roots and branches, leaving no aspect unattended. Well-tended trees are beautiful trees. If not given the proper care they deserve, your trees will not reach its maximum potential. 

Picture of a old tree stump with our stump grinder ready to take care of an tree service issue for our customer in Dublin, OHTree Trimming – Regular tree trimming is key to a healthy and aesthetically-pleasing tree. Beautiful landscape trees just don’t happen. As a homeowner, you have to give your tree the attention it deserves, and one effective way to keep your tree in top shape is trimming. Trees require a “haircut” now and then to prevent them from growing out of hand. Dublin Tree Service will eliminate dead branches and limbs that affect the overall look and welfare of the tree. Allow us to give your trees what they need. Call us now for your reliable tree trimming solutions.

Brush Removal – If you have excessive brush and other debris in your yard, we can have it eliminated in no time. This unsightly brush can impact the overall aesthetics of your property and can be a safety hazard to your family. Getting rid of the brush does not only bring back the beauty in your landscape but also allows you to maximize the space you have. Give us a call, and we will get to the bottom of the situation right away. We are the tree experts that your neighbors trust in Dublin, OH.  Give us a call today!

More About Dublin Tree Service

With more than ten years of unwavering dedication to top-quality tree service, we have acquired the skills and experience required for premier tree care service. We started small until we earned the trust and loyalty of our customers throughout the local area. We can perform little to large-scale tree services with a high level of accuracy and efficiency, using our well-maintained equipment. With a team of highly-trained arborists, no work is too difficult for us to do. We observe a high standard set by reputable organizations in the tree industry. To protect you, as well as our workers, we have secured the necessary license and insurance to ensure a smooth-sailing transaction. 

We operate with the utmost integrity and fairness reflected in the quality of our work. When we offer a quote, we see to it that we have assessed the situation thoroughly, so that we can provide an estimate that you can trust. Rest assured that you will not receive a quote that does not reflect the needs of your trees. We will leave no grey area, and if there are concerns you want to address, feel free to ask us, and we will be glad to offer answers. We will not remove a tree unless it’s a matter of life and death because our goal is to keep every tree in the local area thriving. However, if we see the need to eliminate a tree in your yard, we will not hesitate to perform the task to ensure your safety. 

What sets us apart from the rest of the tree companies in Dublin, OH, is our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. Our professional team works hand in hand to come up with solutions for your various tree requirements. We are a company of hardworking individuals that care about trees like we do our family. We are not just skilled and experienced, but also passionate about giving our customers the quality of service they always look for.  

We have worked virtually on all types of trees found in our region, which gives us the advantage of our competitors. Mediocracy is never in our vocabulary. When you decide to work with us, we assure you of a high-quality tree service that you will surely rave about to your friends and family. With our knowledge, equipment, and up-to-date techniques, there is no tree that is too difficult for us to handle.

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With great pride, we can say that we provide the highest quality of tree service in Dublin, OH. Our credentials and track record can attest to what we claim, and we will not hesitate to offer you a list of our satisfied clients for reference. We are skilled, trained, and conscientious in what we do. With Dublin Tree Service performing your tree care, you can rest easy that your trees are in good hands. 

If you don’t see what you need in the list of our services here, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Your satisfaction is what drives us to improve our work, and we will continue to prove ourselves worthy of your trust. We encourage you to read some of what our customers say about our service and learn why we are the town’s number one tree service company. We will be more than willing to provide a list of names for your reference. We can’t wait to be of service to you!

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Dublin Tree Service is a family-owned and local tree care business.  For more than a decade now, we have been serving the local area with no plans to stop.  We will continue to offer out top-rated service to all property owners in the Dublin area. 

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